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A lot of people HAVE been speaking up on this, but most of them are seriously patrotic, right wingers who aren't willing to slander our government just yet...even when they're critical of how they're being mistreated. .... but it just hasn't become a very trendy topic that's been exposed. Still --- There are entire books on the subject, and Congress has been hearing about it for a decade now....

The problem with it is there are too many different schools of thought about it. Uranium? Experimental Vaccines? Saddam's chemicals? Etc. Etc. Nobody can be sure. I talked with a Gulf War vet who ran one of the many organizations for victims of the syndrome, who told me he thought it was contagious... and he had strong evidence of why he's not just a kook. There are reports of exposure to the syndrome through shaking hands, or riding on the commercial airplanes supplied by Northwest to get troops to and from the Middle East. By the time I got done talking to him, I didn't even want to handle the newsletter he was supposed to be sending me. Plus the symptoms are so varied.... it's just a frightening mess.... and of all the reasons not to go into Iraq, that's one I rarely hear mentioned.
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