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Old Dec 18th, 2009, 11:43 AM        Fuck Matt Holliday
Perhaps I should be saying, "Fuck Scott Boras," but technically, Holliday is Boras's boss.

This guy is holding out for Mark Teixeira money. Teixeira isn't even worth Teixeira's money. Plus, Holliday is 30 years old, and is apparently looking for an eight-year deal. Is he out of his fucking mind? Clubs have been burned by that sort of deal in the past, and they're wary of long-term deals now.

Most off-seasons, Holliday would have been immediately snatched up by the Yankees or Red Sox, or some shit team that was willing to devote 80% of their team payroll to one guy, and that would have been it. But that isn't happening this year, as the free-agent market is pretty stale, and all the big-market teams seem to have everything they want. St. Louis has offered him a reported five years at $16 million, which is about, or maybe even a little more, than they're paying Pujols. Matt Holliday is NOT worth that kind of money.

Albert Pujols could easily go somewhere else and command $20-30 million a year, but he doesn't. He's making a lot of dough in St. Louis, and he stays here because he likes it here. St. Louis is known for being the best baseball town in the country, and the players get a lot of love here. Holliday was welcomed here, and they're giving him the best offer anyone's made so far, so what the hell is the problem?

I hate to resort to a cliché, but this is an irritating situation: "How much fucking money do these guys need?" Play for five years at $16 million a year, retire, wipe your butt with $100 bills every day for the rest of your life, ans still die insanely wealthy.
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