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Yeah, Cazadors are about the most annoying enemy in the game I think, good job on creating a small deathclaw so to speak. I mostly relied on Veronica to distract them while I shot them with whatever normal gun I had. The Gobi Rifle works well of course, being about the most useful and powerfull weapon in the game...

But it doesn´t help that you can´t target their head due to a bug, unless they´re right ON you. Makes it a lot harder than it should´ve been. I wonder how my unarmed guy will fare against them.
I also noticed that for a unarmed-build that really only uses Unarmed as its only attack-skill, you don´t have that many specific perks to choose from. No Ninja, no Superslam, just Piercing Strike, Stonewall and Slayer. Paralyzing palm only works if you´re fighting with your fists, so that one isn´t useful either...Purifyer maybe but it´s only worth it for the Deathclaws I guess.
Well, that leaves a lot of slots for utility-perks. I took Terrifying presence, I wonder how that´ll work out.

Also, since my first Character had a Speech-skill of about 12, I can safely say: Damn, I missed a lot of opportunities, Speech is extremely useful

Though I do have a massive problem right now. I´m in Vault 34 and I´m fighting the "boss" there along with his 2 turrets and I can´t really reach them so there´s no punching them either...I guess I´ll have to leave, stock up on explosives and come back or something like that...
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