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Originally Posted by Esuohlim View Post
yabuturtle lives in the buttfuck Ozarks. His county of like 18,000 people voted 80% Trump. They probably didn't get internet in his community until 2011. He simultaneously believes that democrats are dumb AND masterminded a cunning rube-goldberg device of a conspiracy to steal the election. He probably accidentally dropped half his Digiorno pizza onto his brown shag carpeting tonight and it splattered on the bowling pin he uses as a replacement table leg.

This forum is dead, like your dick. But figured I would say something of substance before I head out. But here's hoping you'll get kicked out since you're reported.
Some of the things here show that Biden stole the election. He was never popular, served under a horrible president, creeps on women, has empty rallys and slurs his words

Now I know this site is great, even if the forum is basically 4 chan's son in some ways, but it would be nice to have someone actually reply with a comment. Not just sophomoric insults from a douche-fag like Esuohlim
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