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I think my MINOR distaste for Joker's performance stems from A: quality of douchebags who overly praise his performance <he's dead, say only nice things. aaawww.> and B: Not enough Joker. It'll never be enough even R rated. Heath's got the most Adult realistic version goin for him- but he still feels restricted, inhibited. I did enjoy Joker's uncomfortable ways when not in action. He seemed more natural doing business in a nurse's outfit, then pitching to the board of hoods. he did perk up for his "magic trick" though.

why was I the only one laughing at it's prestige though?

never enough Joker.

Also- Jim Gordon Has a son named Tony Gordon.<I think in dark knight mom calls him tony, but it's brief> he's a little older than Robin, so hopefully movie boy wonder dosn't show up ever. Tony might not be Barbara's brother <comics> so Jim's probally a dirty dog.

Title for 3:

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