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Originally Posted by sspadowsky
Kahljorn, Feingold is the only Senator who voted against the PATRIOT Act, from which I can infer that he's the only one who actually read it. Feingold is often, and sometimes the only, voice of reason in the Senate. He is one of the few who has regularly questioned the evil shit that this administration continually tries to push through. I suggest you learn a little more about the dude before dismissing him as a douchebag.
He was not the only one who read the entire patriot act. Dasche and Leahy also read the whole first draft. Because they wanted to preserve the civil liberties without giving it up for security, they initially opposed the patriot act, calling it outrageous, and were reluctant in signing it into full effect unless modifications were made then they were willing to compromise. Because of that, it slowed down the process of implementing patriot act. Interesting sidenote, out of the blue during the process, both Dasche and Leahy were sent US military graded anthrax laced letters, in which the anthrax cases were never solved, and patriot act was put in effect immediately after the scare.

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