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Yeah whoever thought of the chucky one should be immediately fired. Especially considering none of the chuckys even looked like chucky! Seriously, he's a doll. Since he's SUPPOSED to look all fake and shiny all they needed to do was make up some custom chucky dummies and it would have looked awesome. Also some relevance to chucky films would have been nice as well. At the very least the doll factory should have been represented. I mean a empty warehouse with a bunch of boxes. How hard would that have been?

My bloody valentine seemed pretty lame as well. While a decent horror film I didn't find it particularly scary especially considering I'm from WV and know for a fact that none of the mining related stuff in the film is in any way based in reality, including the stupid gas mask that miners simply refuse to wear. The dude would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

Seems like they recycled 75% of the set pieces as well. I'm guessing they are phasing out freddy because of the upcoming (and doomed I might add) reboot. The fact of the matter is, he should ALWAYS be there though.

Michael Myers looked fantastic though. I got a semi when I saw all the halloween III stuff in your pics. Also nice to see they completely ignored the rob zombie versions.

Seems odd they've never done a hellraiser one either. There's tons of realistic hellraiser gear out there so unlike the chucky attempt, they could have bought off the shelf items and actually ended up with a nice looking attraction.
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