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i get the feeling that this game was designed by retards. "giant playgrounds"? lol. thelevels are like the sizeof my house.

chinatown is the gayest level. you play through 30 levels of running from thecops orw/e and then you get that piece of shit. if that level makes you happy than you have a serious problem. how much space is that level? like, 200 square feet? my house is probably bigger than that level. and the whole thing is stupid contrived. it's so straightforward its a joke. YOU CAN GO LEFT AND KILL HIM THIS WAY. OR GO RIGHT AND KILL HIM THIS WAY. i got silent assassin on that level first try and i wasn't even trying. same thing in the vixen bar. they just both wander off by themselves. SAME THINg WIth THE OTHER CHINAtOWN level. what the fuck. thats not a hitman game. or i should say itsa hitman gmewithout ass strong the illusion of beinga hitman game

fuck this fundamentally different game judged on its own terms shit. thats just an excuse for it being a piece of shit game. everytimei play it i lose interest within a few minutes.
why does this gunshop level exist? its pointless. you can't do anything important there. none of the guns you take will probably carry over to the next level. its only there forgay ass achievements. SHOOT THE DUCKS. LOSE THESHOOTInG COMPETITION. DONT LOSE THE SHOOTING COMPETITION fuck that. those aren't even cool challenges. and thats like half the game. gay ass challenges on gay ass levels that just have me thinking, "WelL There WILL PROBABLY BE A HIT ON THE neXT LEVEL" and then its chinatown the shoebox level. that level shouldve called it little trouble in tiny china.

ive never beensomad at a videogame before. i guess this generation of videogame makers is just horrible.

I kept my expectations low and came out finding a few small things in the campaign that were nice.
yea, its got some cool stuffi guess. like bullet time.
yep bullet time sure is great. thats what we need is more games with bullet time. im glad when i pirated this game that i was pirating max payne 3.

you know what this game remindsme of? one of those ADVENTURE GAMeS where everything is basically laid out for you and sure u can do different stuff to see some different cutscenes but basicallyitsallthe same. also sometimes u get to shoot stuff@! WOWWWW
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