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i guess i just like making rats eat people and tricking people into running through forcefields that burn them into embers im actually on that level u got bored with somaybe ill get bored too

you know what i realized what is really wrong with hitman. and it is the level design but not just because its small. ive read they didnt want disguises to be like godmode when you find the best disguise (which is dumb cuz from what i remember in hitman bloodmoney people would be on to you if u stood around too long in front of the wrong people in the wrong disguise). so hey here's an idea dont make disguises that make you have god mode and don't make disguises easy to get. or hey some guards are more perceptive/something than others
problem solved.
how was that hard to think up? just have lots of different disguises and each one has some kind of weakness. maybe some characters even know each other so when you try to sneak past jimmy as his brother john it doesn't work and hey you could discover this type of information through the retardely scripted conversations that are everywhere.
wow that took me not six years to think up

fucking lazy uncreative idiots
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