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Originally Posted by Sleazeappeal View Post
Five... FIVE THINGS you love about "The Burbs" and you didn't mention Brother Theodore ONCE?

May you have your head removed and replaced with a bloom of broccoli!
I mentioned that he was about to stab tom hanks in the dream sequence, but no, he didn't make my "top five". If it were a "top ten", Uncle Reuben and his voice which sounds like he's constantly gargling, would have definitely made it. But as far as the Klopeks go, it doesn't get any better than Hans in my book.

Another honorable mention would be when Tom Hanks appears from the burning Klopek house at the end of the film like some kind of cowboy hero. I love the way he just slides down the steps as he leaves a trail of smoke behind him.

And argonath is right, the zoom-in close-up of the poodle is another classic moment as well.

He's soooo suspicious of them!
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