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Hey all,

Sorry for the contest results delays, just been too busy between comic-con and moving to a new place. As usual, we based the results on who had the most votes, how each judge ranked them and of course the effort and humor of the entries in general. Anyway, without further adieu, here are the results for the Jig-A-Loo contest!

1ST PLACE: Type40

2ND PLACE: Islanderoffroad

3RD PLACE: Schimid


Congratulations to our winners! To the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners - please send me a PM with your full names and mailing addresses so I can make sure that your prize packs are sent out. To our honorable mention, I hate to see anybody come that close and not get anything out of it, so if you would like some I-Mockery stickers/freebies, just drop me a PM and we'll work something out.

To all of our other entrants, thanks for participating in the contest. This one wasn't easy to judge, so keep up the good work and best o' luck with our future contests!
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