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Alright! The votes have been tallied and here are your winners!

J. Tithonus Pednaud (unanimous decision)

2ND PLACE: Nomistakinit (unanimous decision)

3RD PLACE: Zako the Great (not unanimous but had the most 3rd place votes)

Congratulations to our winners! To the 1st place winner, please make your selection as to which of the 3 characters you would like and post it here in this thread. Once you've done that, then the 2nd place winner needs to choose from the remaining two characters that are left over and post his choice in this thread. And finally, the third place winner will get whichever character is left. Once all three of you know which characters you're getting, send me a PM with your full name and mailing addresses and I'll send them out as soon as I have the chance (though, as busy as I am, it's likely you won't receive 'em 'til early next month heheh).

Again, thanks a LOT to all of you for putting so much effort into this contest... there was so much fun stuff to look at in this one that I'm probably going to do another horror poster contest for our next contest this month.

Also, as an additional thanks for your hard work, our pals over at Fright Catalog have set up a special coupon code for I-Mockery viewers that will get you 10% off anything you want on there. I don't get any cash for you buying stuff from them, so don't think it's anything like that. But if you see something on there that you'd like, you can use the coupon code IMock10 on anything you buy there between now and Halloween.
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