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Ok this just in from Fright Catalog:

Hi Rog,

What a nightmare! Again, I’m really sorry for the confusion. I reset the code, so IMOCK10 will definitely be working tomorrow. I’m sorry someone couldn’t help Grislygus on the Fright Catalog help line, but if he needs to place the order today, he can either call FC and ask to be transferred to me (Jessica) and I’ll put in his order with the discount – or he can place the order at regular price online and I will go in and discount his order 15% through the backend of our system. To do that, I would just need to know the name on the order, or the order number the site issued them at the end of their transaction.

I’m also going to bump the offer up to 15% off for all the trouble this is causing. So, effective tomorrow AM 10/12/07 (because our Ecommerce software takes overnight to update to the server) everyone on I-Mockery can get 15% off their order by entering IMOCK10.

Many apologies to you and your forum, Rog!!
So there ya go, it should be fixed by tomorrow morning and she has kindly upped the discount to 15% Lemme know if there are any other problems with it.
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