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Ok you rabid cephalopod fanatics, the votes are finally in and your winner is.........


Congrats on your win, Invisible! May your new tentacle arm prove to be a great caddy for your future hellspawn.

While there was no 2nd place prize for this contest (we only have one tentacle arm to give away), I do want to give credit to the runner-up:

"Creep the shit out of the mailman." -by Dommin

There may have not been a runner-up prize, but I'll be happy to send you some free I-Mockery stickers if you want. Just drop me a line.

Also, MysticJoJo clearly put a lot of effort into that comic entry, so kudos on a job well done. Same deal goes for you, if you want some freebie stickers, just drop me a line and you got 'em.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who entered the contest! We've got some more contests coming up soon, including some with truly BIG prizes, so keep your eyes peeled for 'em!
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