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Ok, I can't make nifty eight bit animated drawings, so I'll just text this instead, if Nick doesn't mind that is.

To start off, I think we can all agree that the more complicated and away from the "roughly the same size as Megaman with a simple name that says everything followed by the word man" robot masters we got, the worse things became. With that in mind, I introduce you to Duckman.

Duckman, sporting white and blue with a duck-bill visor and yellow gloves. Duckman has an air stage. He fires a Duckgun which literally fires ducks that go across the screen. They don't home on the blue bomber, per se, but they do vary their straight flight path to come at him. The only way to dodge them is to quickly slide under them as they come at you (we're going plus Megaman 3). The ducks that are fired at you are not susceptible to Megaman's cannon arm, they must be dodged. Here's the great thing about the Duckgun, instead of making the little "ptou!" sounds that most Megaman guns make, they quack. Trust me, the sounds of 8-bit quacking can be redeemed from their Duck Hunter origins.

The Duckgun you get from Duckman is radically different from the one he uses. Instead of firing out projectiles, it functions like the Flash Gun from Megaman 2, ie, it's one shot and continues on until you run out of energy. Here's how it works. Slowly, the background fills with ducks until about a quarter of it's gone at which point, you have a cacaphony of quacking ducks filling the entire background (you are, of course, still able to see the platforms). All enemies on the screen are quickly destroyed by the flock. It runs out fast, but it's tough and it makes lots of great sounds.