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Alright, I saw the contest, I was eating grapes, and there was a knife on my desk. Grape o' lanterns ensued.

Initally, I put red LEDs into them, and the overall effect was pretty neat, especially considering that grapeskin is thin and veiny. Since I had half a dozen or so of these, though, I decided to go bigger. Behold the grape vine:

It looks exactly like normal Xmas lights at this distance, true, but each one is a unique little grape o' lantern. Of all the faces I made, most of them were pretty generic, but two were neat enough that I took pictures before I ate them. Unfortunately, I couldn't really get a decent close-up photo, so it's imagination time.

This one is my absolute favourite. It just turned out so well with the red LED that I wish I had a photo that could do it justice.

You can't see the face, but you're not missing much. I like this one just because nothing says halloween like a head on a pike. It also reminded me that in the miniature fruit community, sugary girl drinks probably look like Vlad the Impaler's courtyard.

Final note, If anyone can tell me how to set a camera to take a detailed close up of what is equivalent to a light bulb, I'd honestly appreciate it. I tried to get some photos with the red light, and this was my best result: