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I remember that time still a village school teacher, I remember the classroom walls and roof mottled total mossy, who like thoughts of endless growth of the total Yan Yan, remember the rose window of the office always full of brilliant white flowers in April , swaying season aroma, I remember those days of rain tea simple and beautiful. office and living room cabin window, a narrow terrace, which happened to put a small vessel without blocking the access of rain. Had chosen it as their own the dwelling in a foreign land, this is a fancy. rainy afternoon, will be a small blue and white bowl resting on the terrace, I hold the arm against the window of the brick wall, watching raindrops fall into the bowl. Behind the kids learn to like hold my arm against the wall standing, dazed, looking at rain curtain, bowl. Debu hurry do not delay rain, the rain line, such as curtains, rain, such as beads, tinkling into a bowl, such as the bead off the jade plate, rain, voices. Italian thin cold rain on the face, free to think of some of the people and things freely, without worry hi, no regrets. inadvertently, the rain has fills. This crystal clear rain, the most suitable for tea. Will stand in a small bowl on the stove to see subtle flames will rain a little bit of boiling hot. Many people like to use purple tea, but I only like to use porcelain. Periphery is filled with stories of the blue, without any impurities inside is porcelain white. Put a little boiling water until the mountains in the bowl, tea an a stretch, little by little by thick brown, let me see every detail of the process, such as the flowers are blooming like intoxicated every nerve. Jade green, like in the bowl and gradually drifting in the roll, each move is poetry, is Painting. Children quietly sitting around, I seem to see the time of the river flowing quietly in front of us, the years around the finger to gently filled the air, once in the past the people and things together surfacing, the youth also had this boundless green where I waved to a sudden upsurge of emotion, tears have wet eyelash. Rich tea floating in the cabin, the dip in the floral cotton quilt and pillow, stick in the eye on the children Hushanhushan. tea with rain there is no time limit, thanks to their own products. Color, flavor depends on their ideas, feeling good on the extinguished fire, remove the bowl, a little bowl of hot aired degree Duanwan to his lips, a small population of a small mouth to sip, appreciate the tea of ​​the drip infiltration . children's eyes widened curious, full of longing to look to me: points of the sky and the earth's deep generosity, all of Tea and all out! . Remove the cup, each share of one, can not wait to drink, frowning cried out: only bear bitter suffering, to know how to sweet sweet Yeah, I hope the children will soon know. to rain because of the common experience of tea, the children of my growing love of this unique teacher, something always love nothing around my side. I am reading lesson, they stand silent in the side. It rains the day, I will give them tea to drink, they no longer complain, enjoy the look. Occasionally I travel a few days, in case the rain came back and everyone will receive their gifts - large and small bottles filled with clear rain water, as they are crystal clear heart. They do not know, this small move has touched me for a long time, they do not know, those rain cook tea, I have countless warm the long night of wandering a foreign land. also because of the tea in the rain, met the same love of tea first love. A rain that afternoon, quietly around the fire handle on the ride, cook a pot of tea, smell out the window with the rain, light tea filled with one of the years of quiet good. With tea interpretation of life with understanding some of it may be more translucent, and many things that take things too hard, clear the room suddenly, between half-awake drunk, drinking a cup of tea, body, though still small worm living in the heart already lightly, gradually understand the most important in life is to learn to treasure and cherish in front of people and things, ANAL FISSURE, cherish all the good things. different seasons of rain, cook the tea, the taste of candy in different seasons. Rain cook tea bright, bold summer rain cook the tea, cook the tea desolate autumn, winter rain cook tea desolation. Seasons of life, involved in a rhyme in this tea. now, leave the tea to the days of rain is very far away, and did not use the rain for a long time tea, and tea with the people that have not eventually become a real lover. Wilderness at the time, many changes are helpless, but still will miss the share of tea in the rain quiet and indifferent, remember that quiet beauty and tranquility of the campus house. Perhaps not too many earthly annoyance screening too much of our sense of fun, maybe we can not change the world around, but we can change ourselves. The next day, but also tea with rain, but also learn to calm and indifferent in the face of all life. I think perhaps I used the tea to get the rain the most precious thing. Previous: quiet night • always love the next one: the umbrella, that person

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