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Played some new stuff this weekend. Believe it or not, this was the first time we ever played Munchkin. Problem is when you have one or two people in your group that for the love of a deity of your choice can´t wrap their head around rules.

Tell me, what´s so complicated about this:

Two decks of cards. On your turn you draw from deck A. If it´s a monster, deal with it. If you beat it, draw from deck B. If it´s not a monster, play one from your hand or draw from deck A and be done with it.

It´s really not rocket-science. Anyway, that went rather well after a while, then we switched to Jungle Speed. Now, there´s NO excuse if you don´t understand THAT game, unless you´re a very small monkey maybe. Lots of simple stupid fun, though I suck at these games because of the way my brain seems to work.

Finally we broke out the new Wiz-War. I was really looking forward to it and I had an absolute blast playing, even though I died first. Sadly, the remaining two people thought it was too random (which is the point) buuut...I´ll get them to like it sooner or later :D
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