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Everybody should play this game at least once a day. That's a fact.

Originally Posted by mew barios View Post
this game was coded over the course of 3 days, though we poked at it for about a week. for 3 weeks we didn't have any ideas. whenever i tried to think of something april fools related my mind automatically snapped to space invaders instead. i was really into space invaders in march.
I remember that. I was so busy working on Abobo's Big Adventure, I didn't really have much time to just sit down and think about an April Fools' Day game, so when the deadline started approaching I just asked Mew if he'd be up for making some kind of crazy adventure game with me. From there, I came up with putting a dinosaur in an office and started drawing one screen at a time. I put random objects on the screens and once I had enough of them made, I created the "puzzles" that Mr. Dinosaur had to solve.

I always like when I get a chance to do projects like this - total stream of consciousness as opposed to having something planned out - because I never know where things are going, and I guess I find that kind of exciting. If nothing else, I've found that it ends up helping me create things that are unintentionally funny. I'm just glad there are cool people like Mew who are willing to work with me as I constantly add in new things to these lil' games.

Maybe we'll do a sequel to this game some day... I don't believe the final chapter in the amazing life of Mr. Dinosaur has been written.

Also, I still haven't beaten that 2-minute challenge. Damnit.

Originally Posted by mew barios View Post
the only artwork in the game that i created was the whiteboard drawing.
And I still think that's the best artwork in the entire game.
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