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oh i like your reviews of this epic travesty Protoclown, they are indeed entertaining, probably the only thing about this train wreck that has been entertaining.

But it just annoys me how people seem to keep giving Frank Miller a pass when he totally fucks something up. I mean jeezus, people are taking offense to the possible ideas presented in Miller's long-delayed "Batman vs. Al Quaeda" comic idea, but seemingly have no problem with the colossal shit he's taken on DC Comics TWICE now??? I would've slapped his hands away from getting anywhere near my characters after the huge waste of time, ink, money and brain memory that was "Dark Knight Strikes Again".

It also strikes me as odd (and a WEE bit hypocritical) that DC took offense to stuff like Toyfare poking fun at their characters, but have no problem with this utter crap???

would gladly take anything Liefeld gave us over this stuff.
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