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Ah, Shaun of the Dead. One of my all-time favorite movies (though I did like Hot Fuzz a smidgen better. It's very close, of course, and took me a while to decide), and jam-packed with so many funny moments I can't even keep track of them all (every time I watch that movie, I laugh at something I had totally forgotten about).

It's hard to choose a favorite part; the part in the bar where everyone's moving along to that Queen song is good, or when Shaun is looking out the mailslot for zombies, and doesn't see them at first. But in the end, I'm going with the second time Shaun goes to the store (after the zombies are out and about), and is completely oblivious to all the carnage around him (the part where he slips on the blood = pure fried gold). Great scene, great movie.

Also: while I did find the homage to Rhodes' death awesome, I also think the original scene was better (mainly for the "Choke on 'em!" bit. Last words don't get much more awesome than that).
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