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For fuck sake people, read a book.

The Taliban did not exist until 1994. Well after the Soviet pull out of Afghanistan. In fact, well after the Soviet Union fucking collapsed.

OBL had nothing to do with the CIA support of certain mujaheddin factions. In fact, he publicly railed against it, wanting a pure Muslim state fought for by pure Muslims.

The big weapon the CIA supplied to the friendly warlords in Afghanistan was a stinger missle launcher. It shot down the Soviet HiND helicopters. The battery on these things, however, had an active life of a few years, if you could recharge it. They were dead long before our forces invaded.

After we up and left without even attempting to form a stabilized government (which a lot of people are calling for us to do now), a power vacuum occured that was filled by the Taliban in 1996 with help from OBL.

Did they use some of the logistical and communication networks we left behind? Yes. Did we directly support the guys in power when we invaded or al Queda? No.
according to my mongoose, anyway.
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