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Did they use some of the logistical and communication networks we left behind? Yes. Did we directly support the guys in power when we invaded or al Queda? No.
Well we did give the Taliban alot of money to stop the growing of opium shortly before 9/11. I'd say thats directly supporting the guys in power
And the Taliban are made up of members of one of the mujaheddin that we supported against the soviets or atleast of members of religious schools that the mujaheddin set up. Just because they didn't call themselves the taliban at the time doesn't mean its not essentially the same people we supported against the soviets that is now fighting us. Also the CIA helped trained various members of the mujahideen so even if bin laden wasn't directly trained by the CIA I'm sure he learned plenty of tactics from other cia trained members of the mujaheddin who he fought alongside of.
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