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Christensen is a prime example of what's wrong with the movie/TV industry these days...i.e. people who keep getting work because of their looks, not talent. Who cares if he made Darth Vader forever into an emo Backstreet Boy, hey, he looked TOTALLY HOT and I'm sure they spiked the female demographic (that was SO a major part in SW's success!) He must have had naked pictures of George Lucas to last 2/3rds of the trilogy (and an extra movie when he 1984'ed Sebastian Shaw out of existence, and even he couldn't do a silent part right!). If this was Christopher Nolan, he would have listened to the fans and Katie Holmesed him right out of the sequel.

I almost wish I wasn't seeing things through Titanic-hype-hate glasses back in the day, and that I supported the rumor that Leo would be Anakin. At least, unlike Hayden, he has come to have SOME cred beyond the teenybopper stigma.

Granted, Attack of the Killer Clon-a-toes was better than TPM, and then ROTS better than that, but really that's like saying solid poop is better than diarrhea, which is better than vomit. And hey, how can I not love a movie that made me do the unthinkable...say that I agreed with the usually pretentious Village Voice movie reviews (Hayden + Natalie = less charisma than rubbing action figures together = BRILLIANT line)

Sign me on for the "remake the prequels" petition. Now why, why, WHY can't we have remakes only when we, you know, NEED them? (unlike, say, the non-existent demand for the granddaddy of all slasher films to be fortified with more F-words, more extreme violence, more bad actresses, and Rob Zombie)

Sadly, now SW is dead to me because of all this BS...I can't even enjoy the OT in part due to the taint of revisionist history on that. I hate people who think they own the past and can do whatever they want to it.
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