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I disagree, I liked the movie. I will agree with Rog on 2 things about the movie. 1) I didn't like Jason's little alarm system. 2) I felt most of the kills were just ok. The chick getting hung to the antlers was clearly un original, and when Jason killed the asain guy who gave him the hockey stick, Jason should've used the hockey stick to kill him. I do disagree with what Rog said about Jason killing the guy on the boat with a bow and arrow. I personally found it to be an ok kill, but that kill was like that one kill in part 3 where Jason used a spear gun to kill the chick on a dock. In all good slasher films the killer doesn't heavily rely on one weapon one method. Freddy Krueger seldomly used his glove, Jason would'nt always use his machete, and in My Bloody Valentine Harry Warden (in both movies) mostly used his pick axe to do the killings but he would use his axe in several different ways to do the killings. So the same principle applies to the killing on the boat, it goes to show that no matter where you are in Crystal Lake you are not safe from Jason.
Overall I enjoyed it, I thought it was much better than Jason goes to Hell and better than part 5. I'd give the movie more of a 4/5. It lacked on having as good of the kills as part 2 and 6, but It also delivered on some of the stuff the series did best the nudity and the humor.
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