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You know, wikipedia boy, I already covered the section about DEFINITIONS.
I did this by stating that, while the DEFINITION OF THE TERM, "Unlawful Enemy Combatant" can be applied to anybody who fits the term (any terrorist), all of the LAWS THEMSELVES IN OTHER SECTIONS clearly state the word "Alien" before them. The word alien is described in that same definitions page as, "Non us citizen." Now, if you could read fuckface, you wouldn't look stupid.
Also, what the wikipedia article says doesn't actually appear in the entire act. It never says, "Not excluding us citizens" it just doesn't say, "THIS DEFINITION CANT BE APPLIED TO UNITED STATES CITIZENS UNDER THE LAW OF GOD", because an UNLAWFUL ENEMY COMBATANT by definition could be ANY unlawful enemy combatant. Again, all the laws have the word alien in front of them. Which means all the laws apply to Non-US citizen unlawful enemy combatants.
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