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Originally Posted by Angryhydralisk View Post
Kerrang's review of "The Electric Sleep" is hands down the dumbest review I ever read. They basically said this at the time it came out.

"This is the best Black Sabbath album in oh, about 25 years."

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage aren't my favorite albums either but they're still a million times better then this album here. Nevermind the amazingness that was HEAVEN AND HELL.

It's because these reviews are written by people who can only name four Black Sabbath albums, and regrettably only one of them will be from their first four albums.
It's a shame that their post Ozzy stuff is overlooked. Eternal Idol, Mob Rules, Born Again, Headless Cross are all fucking killer.

Flat out the only BAD Black Sabbath album is Forbidden.
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