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So you covered most of the It's Alive line, but didn't bother with the Body Part Sushi? I personally liked that confectionary out of the lot because the presentation of various body parts [including brains and tongue] was scarily accurate atop marshmallow rice. And it even came with chopsticks to make the treat a more authentic experience.

Though my personal favorite gummies of the season were the Gummy Rat Traps. Quite a bit of packaging for an individual gummy, but the taste and consistancy were very high quality. Only thing that would've made it better was a tiny squirt of liquid filling to up the creepy factor.

But absolute best candy this year for me was definately the Palmers Peanutbutter Pumpkin Cups. Not only are Palmers a perfect rival to Reses by countering their classic peanutbutter flavor, but the bottom of every cup is a perfectly sculpted pumpkin face with appropriate layers of orange and green chocolate applied, making it a highly detailed and very tasty treat.
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