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Gawd damn. From here on, I'm making sure I have a solid manner of contacting everyone left on the list before the pig hits them. I think we're nearly a year past the date when I first sent out the actual .

As much as I'd like to increase the chances of Pig getting photographed with more exciting things than just somebody's XBox ( ), the whole adventure has been stalled for so many months inbetween, I don't think it's a good idea to squeeze more people in.


Blackjack (England)
LegoLars (Sweden) (Um, Lars. PICTURES. REMEMBER.)
]{0MBAT (Boca Raton, FL)
Brandogg (Satellite Beach, FL)
McDaniel (Lakeland, FL)
Chris (Valdosta, GA)
Cosmo Electrolux (Athens, AL) (Cosmo, pictures? Any? )
-RoG- (Richmond, VA)
Protoclown (Richmond, VA)
Dominosr (Manassas, VA)
George (Port Tobacco, MD)


Chojin (Baltimore, MD)
Reply Ninja/Macgruder (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
CLASpinster/theapportioner (Andover, MA)
LenOR (Oneida, NY)
Cecropia (Toronto, ON - Canada) (Haven't heard from her in ages, but I think Chojin still talks to her on AIM)
BulletCatcher (Kittening, PA)
Blackflag (Waterford, PA)
Glowbelly (Cleveland, OH)
FeuerAffe (Bloomington, IN)
AChimp (Winnipeg, MB - Canada)
Ziggy Trix (BLANKY, BLANKETY BLANK BLANK. OK, this is stupid, but out of all the addresses I managed to lose only Ziggy's. Luckily he's started posting again, so if AChimp doesn't have it anymore either, I'm pretty sure Ziggy will.)
ElderGodsmack (El Paso, TX)
Stero-San (Phoenix, AZ) (Um... provided he still isn't in jail by then.)
McClain (San Diego, CA)
AleXtreme (South Gate, CA)
tenno (Green Valley, NV)
Vibecrewangel (Stanford, CA)
Jixby Phillips (Redding, CA)
tropicalheat (Hong Kong)
Death_Blooms (Australia) (He's barely ever online anymore - he lives an exciting life, so if I manage to catch him in time I'll ask him if he's still in.)
Kiara (New Zealand) (I pissed off her online boyfriend after he tried to blackmail one my friends, and I haven't talked to her since, so yeah... um... I'll try to get in touch with her.)
Helm (Greece)
AcjBizar (the Netherlands)
...and back to me.

Yikes, that's a lot of people still to go.
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