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idk. The theater I went to was one of those really ultra-posh ones with the leather recliner seats and I was just kind of enjoying that. I had the choice of seeing the movie or doing an extra ten loops around Marcon and I'd seen about everything there was to see there, so what the hell.

I had a discussion with the concession stand guy about the movie and he upgraded my soda for free, so I thank Suzanne Collins for the gigantic coke zero.

However, I still maintain that she, a Hollywood screenwriter, who claims to have absolutely no prior knowledge of Battle Royale, Running Man, Most Dangerous Game, The Lottery, or even the story of the fucking Minotaur, or any of the other many stories with a nearly identical theme, she is either really poorly educated or lying, and that pisses me off.

Hunger Games went so far as to have nearly identical characters as Battle Royale, only the genders of the protagonists are reversed. Woody Harrelson is a slightly more amiable version of Beat Takeshi's character. They even have the "ringers" in the competition, the trained professional killers, who volunteer. In Hunger Games they're the "Careers" and in Battle Royale it was Kiriyama. Same same.
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