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Believe it or not, the DVD of this brought me a lot of Christmas joy the year the one store I was working in was closing. I was having a terrifically crap-tacular day, practically in tears because our liquidator was being his usual charming self [/sarcasm] and while I was straightening up, I found that we still had a single copy of this in stock. My one manager wanted to get it himself, but I stood there, hugged it to my chest and went "No. Mine! I need this." It truly made my day a lot better.

And Nirvana, I have pictures of me on Christmas morning, decked out in the costume over my pajamas, not to mention me as her the following Halloween, too. Plus, every time the show came on, I had to run and grab the glow-in-the-dark sword with sparkly sticker gem and go through the entire intro with it, not to mention the show itself.
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