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Originally Posted by timrpgland
I love uppity types who always have nothing to add. (rez)

The trend wasn't suprising if you followed what was supposed to happen. There wasn't much of a chance for the prequels to be as good as IV, V and VI simply because of how the story lays out.

i like retarded types that "add nothing" to this forum.
you're trying to rationalize the utter crap that was one and two (and four) because of how weak the premise was when really you're just admitting how incredibly sub-par the entire kit is as a whole

oh yeah.. it just wasnt possible to make ep 1 and 2 any good because it was setup. and lemme say, man, that setup is a black hole in filmaking. i mean, you wanna get in and out of that shit as fast as you can because it just RUINS the greatest artists.


A and B suck, therefore C will rock.

Thanks, Moon!
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