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Originally Posted by Kulturkampf
I later find another girl who died of ecstasy use, named Rachel Whitear, and I saw a picture of her dead on the ground, crumpled up in her room, probably found by her parents. Her body was so discolored she did not even look like once a young, typical English schoolgirl (note: she was white; judging by the photo you would guess she was actually black, but she became so discolored).
Actually, she died of a heroin overdose and I do not think its something that should be made into a jokey poem. One of my friends was accidently dragged into that way of life, fortunately she managed to get out but I feel sorry for those that don't. Drugs can cause incredible damage to people, destroying lives, families, friendships etc. what may start as a few joints with friends, can lead to the search for a better high which may end in horific circumstances. The hardest part about drugs is the day you have to face reality, to face yourself and what you have become. For some, the wake up call arrives too late.

I am no angel but I have seen first hand the devastating affects drugs can have on people. I do not find this topic amusing at all, children are dying from drug overdoses because they don't know what they are doing and are getting hooked. Only recently, a girl of 11 years old was found to be using heroin which she had got from her mother.
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