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"If I can tell tell you got a substance problem by your endless drug induced ramblings on the internet"

What substances am I abusing? How many times a day do I do it? You don't really know anything about what I do. For all you know I could be sober all the time pretending to be a crazy drug addict.

I didn't say over-dosing is for amateurs, I said she was stupid for over-dosing. If somebody was driving 135 mph and then crashed on a freeway would you say they made a smart decision? So why are they suddenly the smarterest persons in the world because I called them stupid for taking too many drugs?
Unbeknownst it to common man, you can usually tell how many drugs you are taking through the magical power of counting.

You numb your pain with hobbies and this message board. As far as I can tell you're not much different than me, fucko. Very few people can make it through life without numbing their "Pain" and boredom, most of the people who manage it are enlightened.

Would you call a cancer patient stupid when they take pain medication? Huh? Would you? IF YOU ANSWER ONE QUESTION ANSWER THAT ONE, in fact, if you don't answer it I'll consider whatever "Point" you try to make in response invalid. I'm sure we could also recite famous drug addicts/cancer patients who were also quite intelligent/influential.
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