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I saw this a few weeks ago, just forgot to post about it. Fantastic fucking movie, I must say. It was hilarious, but much like Shaun of the Dead, it still kept much of the intensity and over the top action of the genre it was parodying. I appreciate that in a movie. Too often a movie parody feels like it needs to talk down to the audience. These guys, though, know how to do a good parody. They don't skimp on the humor, but they utilize what makes the parodied genre great, and sometimes even excell beyond the very movies they're lovingly poking fun at.

All in all, I thought it was a fun movie, but not quite up to par with Shaun. Shaun was great because the only really prevalent horror movie parody out there was the Scary Movie series, but Shaun actually had some intense moments. As I said, they take what makes the genre great, and they actually USE it instead of just finding ways to make it seem stupid.
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