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Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

BakaGaijin: I honestly don't remember consciously putting a "Venture Bros" reference in there. Where is it? I have no doubt that I did it, but it must have been entirely subconscious on my part. Definitely glad someone caught my "Red Meat" reference though. I couldn't resist.

Xystus: I vaguely remember hearing about that "Jackpot" thing myself, but I think I had convinced myself it must have been a horrible, eggnog induced nightmare. I guess that's not the case.

Metal Misfit: I fear you're right about the sales for "Brand New Day". Even though the response has been overwhelmingly negative, I think there are still going to be plenty of fanboys who can't tear themselves away from the character. Sure, they'll bitch about how much things suck, but they'll keep buying.

Spruce Moose: There's plenty of good shit out there, or I wouldn't be able to honestly say that I truly do love the comic industry, good and bad. Finding the quality stuff is the tricky part, and if you're just getting started, it can be a bit overwhelming to just sort of dive in feet first and hope you don't end up in a pile of crap. You need a comic geek guide to help you find your way. Keep your eyes peeled on my Comic reviews that will be popping up regularly in our new "Weeklies" section. I'll be highlighting some of my favorite books that I'd recommend to anyone, and sooner or later something in there is bound to catch your interest. (Check out Preacher, dammit!)

hobbsend: I've definitely got to agree on the "major events" front. I like following the major DC and Marvel events so I can know what's going on in each of those universes, but I'm starting to get burned out on this shit. It's starting to feel like the early 90s again, and that's not a good sign. I'm sort of interested in "Final Crisis" just because of Grant Morrison, but "Secret Invasion" can go fuck itself.

rizzo: Thanks for posting that link...I hadn't seen that yet. That bit about his secret identity was particularly insulting. "Magic!"

Rahvi: The fact that I've heard multiple people say that this is actually worse than the Clone Saga (and I don't even see how that's possible, but then, I never read it) speaks volumes about what an utter shitfest it is.
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