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The message of this thread was that sometimes we have to balance the satisfaction of being a good person with the loss of satisfaction that comes from achieving an orgasm
As long as we both agree that you did it for your own satisfaction

If you have a penis, I'm sure you were already aware of all this and you're just posting to deflect the internalized malaise of never using said penis despite your best efforts.
Interestingly, my girlfriend since 2.5 years is in Spain for over a month, so technically you're right. I do fight the urge to use my penis in a non-approved fashion (judged by western ideas of right and wrong) on a regular basis, and I intend to come to this forum after every clubnight and recieve praise from Jeanette X. Unless, of course, my Id wins over my Super-ego, in which case I demand sympathy. Being a mortal man certainly requires consolidation.
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