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As long as we both agree that you did it for your own satisfaction

There's a Dutch sociologist named Aafke Komter who studies the internalization of cultural norms as it relates to reciprocality. The thesis is virtually the same as what psychologists would say on the same subject, that even the most objectively altruistic actions performed by an individual do ultimately relate to a sense of self-interest. Vietnamese monk setting himself ablaze to protest the war? Yes, even that.

The point is, you've probably grossly misunderstood my motives for posting this. See, there, I noted that I had motives. Just as you have motives for making a self-aggrandizing flaunting of moral superiority among people who don't give a shit who you are. Do you think that I have this pervasive fear that people on this board think I'm a rapist? Do you think that I'm of such character that years later, I'll look back on my life and think, "hey, that one time I didn't rape a girl (by legal definition only) who invited herself into my bedroom to drink alcohol, maybe that means I'm not going to hell"? For one thing, your thesis seems grounded in the idea that I found it difficult to do the right thing, something never indicated in my original post.

So, in short, you're tedious and need to find a cock to choke upon.

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