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Shit yeah, Raptor Jesus!

I've played a lot of flash games over the years, but I have to say that this is my absolute favorite. The Mockery gang has created a masterpiece. From the unique death screens to the multiple endings, this game delivers everything I could have wished for from a Kung Fu remake. I can't even begin to describe the fun I had in this remake of one of my favorite games. I'm glad it got featured game on Newgrounds, but it deserves a lot more than that. It's quite obvious that a lot of love went into this and top marks all around to all involved. Unfortunately I came across this game after Saturnalia (Xmas) and I'm sure the Mockery gang has already received their gifts, but as I consider this game a present for all of us fans, I'm going to scour the internets for the perfect gift. I will then mail this gift to -Rog- as a gift to share with his cohorts. It might be a bit before I find the perfect item, but rest assured it will arrive. Thank you for giving me the best present I have ever received.

Protips from an NES nerd for noobersons:

-Your crouch-kick is your best friend... know it, love it, over-use it.
-When enemies are following you, continue to walk as far as you can before you crouch-kick them... this will get you closer to the boss.
-Deal with Dads (sword throwing white ninjas) as quickly as you can without being reckless, as they have the potential to place you in awkward situations, even doubling up on you sometimes.
-On the third level, learn the pattern of falling baddies (albeit different from the NES version) and don't disparage. Kick falling stuff, jump over snakes, crouch-kick enemies.
-Bosstip 1: Crouch-kick the shit out of this d-bag.
-Bosstip 2: Duck under flying candy canes and crouch-kick him repeatedly.
-Bosstip 3: He has two attacks. When his fist comes above his head, move back a bit. Otherwise, crouch-punch him tons and tons, but be cautious.
-Bosstip 4: Be cautious here; wait for his attacks then counterattack. Wait for him to shoot a laser (sometimes up, sometimes down... be cautious,) avoid it and kick him in his dumb nose. This will be a longer boss fight than the rest so far. Just wait for him to attack first, then get a few kicks in... don't be greedy.
Bosstip 5: This level can be difficult for some, but use what you've learned thus far. When you get to the boss, you'll have to crouch-kick until your finger hurts. Unfortunately, the flash version of the game pushed the bosses back when you hit them, making them a bit easier. Just crouch-kick constantly, moving forward slightly every time he get away from you. This tactic will let you kill him without taking any damage.
-Keep playing after you beat it, there are more endings and much more fun to be had.

Thanks again for a stellar game, Mockery crew.
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