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For Xmas + My Birthday I got....

Fun Stuff: Funko Cthulu Bobblehead

Music - Some Danny Elfman and Fleet Foxes CDs

DVD - Hausu (Criterion) Blu-Ray, Torchwood Season 1 Blu-ray

Graphic Novels - City of Light, City of Dark, Aleister Arcane

Some books that included Lovecraft Unbound

Some Target Gift Cards, Money, See's Chocolates, and some other gift cards

Incense Diffusers from Co-Workers and Work

Silver Skull Kitchen Accessory, DEVO Themed Cupcakes from my friend Lauren

A Candy Dish from my mom

Some Tech (My husband spoils me since we don't have children):A Nook (for us both, really), a new Laptop (I hated the Macbook I got as a graduation present that I gave it to my husband; in exchange, he got me a replacement laptop), Insignia Chumby (my new alarm clock ----weeeeee)

With my Xmas one-time Work Bonus (After 4 years of no pay raise) - I did Xmas shopping but I was bad and bought myself stuff that Amazon was selling at some crazy good prices:

Buck Rogers Complete Series, Trigun: The Complete Series Box Set, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, Farscape: The Complete Series, A Tree of Palme, and Kamui Gaiden: Movie (Blu-Ray)

+ the awesome Secret Santa presents

Santa was good to me this year.
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