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People simply don't understand this level of sophisticated comedy. There are simplistic jokes and one liners on the surface, but the subtlety is what makes all of that worth it. Basically it's a Mel Brookes movie without mel, and because the majority of movie viewers are sheep who never truely watch a movie and merely base their opinion on what they are told it should be, some people didn't like it simply because they weren't TOLD to like it.

It wasn't a block-buster smash, so my guess is those who told you it was "lame" never actually watched the film and were to embarrassed to admit it. As for film critics, well they are almost always wrong, heralding crap-fests, and hating quality movies. So any critical analysis should promptly be ignored.

Personally, I can get behind any film in which the bad guys rape the horses and ride off on the women. :D
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