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I'm guessing D, although I think Dems will gain some seats.

Here's why.

In Ohio, a key state where polls and pundits are basically giving it to the D's, voting regulation and enforcement are in the hands of the R's. There ws NO prosecution for unequal distribution of voting machines and pre- election day purging of the voter regitsration rolls in heavily D preccincts. The oting rolls are being purged again, and while legal action is being taken, it seems unlikley to me that there will be any decision restoring the rolls in the next three weeks.

In several states, most voting chines are diebold, a company that is either 100% corrupt or %100 incompetent, insuring that no matter who wins there can be no confidence in the results.

I'm not saying there is an orchestrated conspiracy here, just a wink and nod Seargeant Schultz type deal. I'm also not saying that D's would actually win on the real numbers.

I'm saying that A.) Well never know, we pretty much can't know, and that's bad news for democracy and B.) I think the stakes are way, way, way too high for their not to be a significant amount of very ugly shit going on. I think D's are peffectly capable of dirty tricks. I just don't think they are as good at it.

I know, I know, tinfoil hat. But keep in mind, mine is just garden variety, bought at the dollar store, common folks aluminum foil, a opposed to the kind of high tech computerized headgear you need to combat vast, comptetent conspiracies. I think the brilliance of our current corruption is the realization that a whole lot of sleazy crap in a whole lot of places gets the job done just as well, and can never be rooted out. It's like the cell theory of terrorism. Act in small autonomous groups with a shared goal.
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