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Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
Fluorescent light messes with my eyes as well. I swear they're making me go blind.
Just put aluminum foil on your head - works every time.

In other science news, the newest member of the periodic table has apparently been produced. The element presently known as ununtrium - which was the last hole in the periodic table under 118 - has now been officially identified through it's decay chain through 6 separate and distinct alpha emissions.

EDIT: "Last hole up to 118" may be overstating it a bit, but the other elements (up to 118) have been positively identified and reported in peer-reviewed journals - just with not enough firmness to allow for naming rights to be awarded, which is controlled by IUPAC. At least this is what I've been led to believe. :o

Probably won't matter much except to elemental purists.
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