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Originally Posted by Mockery View Post
Looks aok so far, but would like to see some screenshots/footage of the game itself.
I will be happy to post screenshots and footage. But, the game is in it's early stages of development I have to post screenshots and footage as they're given to me.

Originally Posted by darkvare View Post
i would like to see the ingame models and some other monster designs cause thesse two kinda look generic and i was wondering if this is gonna play sorta like war of the monster on ps2
We're drawing inspiration from War of the Monsters and other kaiju games such as King of the Monsters and Godzilla: Save the Earth. We would like to implement some similar design ideas while attempting to remain as original as possible. The genericalness (yes it's a real word Reptarus is intentional sort of as a nod to all the generic Godzilla like monsters in almost every kaiju game. As for the squid turtle( named TerrorPod at the moment) I'm currently reworking the design to make up for the "somethings missing" feeling the character gives off right now...
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