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I picked up Lords of Waterdeep a couple months back. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to play it with anyone nearby because it was D&D, but thankfully I can just explain the works as purples, oranges, blacks, and whites. Also, my brother doesn't want to play it anymore because I always wind up overtaking him in the final points tally.

Picked up King of Tokyo over Thanksgiving and played the shit out of it with my sister and some friend of hers. It's a nice mix of strategy and luck, so no one really feels left out when they play it. That was my least favorite part of Settlers of Catan: getting stuck in a rut where your numbers never came up, so you couldn't do a damn thing. Also, the games are short, which means plenty of time to try again if you fail.

I've had my eye on Fortress America. It looks like an interesting one, and so many of the boardgames I play wind up being 1 vs all anyway. Anyway tried it, or something like it?
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