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I don't really think too many people on this forum can give you valid advice. CIG and Burbank and maybe a few others. Keep in mind a lot of the comments you're getting are from kids who have BIG PLANS for the way their first relationship is going to turn out.

That said, I don't know what to say, either. My longest failed relationship lasted about 3 months, and the girl would promise me all sorts of things and say she wasn't cheating and blah blah but the thing that ended us is some hick from back in her life wanted to hook up again and if she didn't start dating him right away she'd 'NEVER KNOW' if something could have worked. Then she broke up with him two months later because she 'WASN'T OVER ME', and so on and so on. She has a venereal disease, a kid, and a divorce now, btw btw.

Doesn't your wife and yourself have to meet with someone and agree that a divorce is the best option to even have one? If she's not willing to even talk this one out, it's probably because she has another romantic outlet. And if she sleeps over at her ex's house, you've got to be a real rube if you don't think they were plugging away in there.

I know that doesn't help, but I thought you deserved a reply!
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