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I've been married since 1995 and should be divorced, but we are just separated right now. Been separated for over 2 years and I just started a serious relationship with someone. I don't plan on getting married again and my wife and I are friends but don't talk to each other because we have now grown way apart.

As for advice, I think you don't need any. It seems like you know exactly whats going on and you will base what you are going to do on what you think is best and not what other people say.

That being said... I think you just want to hear some stories from others who have gone through this, not opinions really. Having been through this, I wouldn't give you my opinion anyways, because I know it is something you have to figure out on your own. There is too much that you haven't told us and that we will never know. It's the little things that are in the back of your mind that make you - you and her - her. The little things are what are driving you crazy because you still want this to work even though you know it should end.

I think you'll do what is best for the both of you, even if it takes a fucking long time for you to do it.
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