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BAMF, I hope I'm not too late to offer my opinion. But first a question - did you adopt the children or are you solely raising them as their "father figure"?

I've been married for 18+ years, so I think I have some insight, although it may not be entirely useful. It sounds as if there are, unfortunately, some issues that separation may not entirely fix, and by the tone of your posts, you are prepared, at least as much as anyone can be, for the worst.

Your point about acting irrationally that one evening - well, let's just call it a mulligan and leave it at that. Everyone goes crazy at one time or another. No big whoop. Just don't do it again - that could become most uncomfortable if you are caught, and that's the last thing you need.

All that aside, I'm impressed that you're keeping a rational, even-keeled and intelligent approach to what must be an extremely painful period in your life. Keep the faith and good luck.
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