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Originally Posted by kahljorn View Post
I don't know why you'd be so quick to call a community o fpeople who is wiping their ass with you 15 year olds. I mean you're what, at least 30 because you've been in the rave scene for 20 years? And you can't even keep up with a bunch of 15 year olds?
for shame.
When did I say I was into the rave scene for 20 years?? Just converted to it about a year ago purely for the love of the music, the scene and the people!!

And where are you getting the "Wiping Our Ass's" from??

As far as I can gather from this thread, which isnt alot as your members try so hard to be clever that they make no sense, there hasn't been one reosnable comment on WHY you guys hate the rave scene!!

How can you hate something you have no knowledge or experiance of??

I suspect FEAR has more to do with it!!
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