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Originally Posted by Kat View Post
I can't believe I live in Ohio and I've never seen this place.
I can't either. In fact, I don't believe you're allowed to call yourself a resident of Ohio until you pay a visit to it. This is your new Halloween homework, Kat.

Originally Posted by Julio View Post
You want a Peanut Arachnid, -RoG-? I've got you covered.
Haha, nice drawing Julio! Somebody else already told me they're making a real one as soon as they track down some shelled peanuts, so your picture is a great way to tide me over until I get a photo of a real peanut arachnid!

Originally Posted by dextire View Post
Foy's looks amazing and I love their commercials. The web site looks like it's from 1995 though.
Haha yeah the web site looks like Geocities barfed on Halloween. It's kind of endearing though. Foy's lives by their own set of rules and design standards... no outside influences! And yeah, the commercials rule:

Originally Posted by Kitsa View Post
No Beer Boobs pics, RoG?
Whoops, I totally thought I included those in the article. That's what I get for working on this stuff at 3am. Allow me to remedy that grievous error:

Yes indeed... you too can drink your frothy brew from the ample boobs of the male St. Pauli Girl.
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